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» It's thrilling! One of your closest friends just let you in on her news: she's pregnant. Of course, you're ecstatic – maybe even prone to a little sniffling.

In fact, it's a bit hard to believe that in a matter of months, your dear friend's going to undergo an amazing transformation into a mother (maybe for the second or third time)!

Even while you're letting the news sink in, your friend is picturing the journey that will bring a new life into the world: gynecologist visits, morning sickness, ultrasound testing ... that roller coaster of emotions ... and finally, an experience that defies description.

The truth is, no matter how many babies are born – even tens of thousands a day, all across the world – they're still nothing short of miraculous. So you can easily imagine that your friend's reflecting on feelings and themes she finds hard to put into words.

But in your world, things are a bit more down-to-earth. Because what you're pondering is the baby shower. More to the point, you might be fretting that you're not quite equipped to pull off a baby shower. Maybe you've never hosted one before ... and yet you rightly sense that there are hundreds of unspoken rules and customs to observe.

Well, worry no more! Because you've landed on The Quick and Easy Guide to Baby Showers.

Here, you'll learn all about::

  • Planning a Baby Shower from the Ground Up
  • Managing a Baby Shower from Start to Finish
  • Other Tips, Strategies, and Suggestions

Don't worry if you've never planned a baby shower. And especially don't worry if you've tried to host one, but you ran into a few hitches or akward moments. Because this site is meant to be simple, practical and fun. In fact, if you don't watch out, you could gain a reputation as a baby shower expert, with people calling you up and asking you for tips and tricks ... or even begging you to run one. Wouldn't that be fun?

As you browse through the site, keep in mind that these suggestions are tried and tested, and they work. But even so, no matter how cheesy it sounds: every baby shower is unique.

So instead of slapping together baby shower ingredients like you would a spaghetti sauce, and ending up with the same old dish, use these ideas as a springboard – but keep the personalities and uniqueness of mom-to-be and her guests in mind.

Some of these ideas you can take to the bank. Others might be a poor fit with your chic art museum crowd, or your backyard BBQ couples shower. So don't worry if only some of this advice applies to you.

Just use your common sense, and remember: baby showers are supposed to be lighthearted fun, even for the host. Don't let this stress you out, and be sure to enjoy this event your friend will fondly recall for the rest of her life.