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The Best Free Printable Baby Shower Games

» How clever you'll feel when you hand out these gorgeous printable baby shower games that look the ones you pay for ... except they're even nicer!

Printable Word Search Games

You can optionally personalize these printable word search games with Mom's name. Choose from the challenging Baby Shower Word Search with 25 words, or an easier and quicker game of Find the Baby Names with boys' names or girls' names.

Love this game but short on time? Set a limit like 5 minutes, and give a prize to the guest who finds the most words in that time frame.

More games to come soon, so bookmark this page and check back!

Baby Shower Word Search Girls' Names Word Search Boys' Names Word Search

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby Shower Gift BingoOur first Baby Shower Bingo offering is Gift Bingo. This is a great way to keep the girls occupied and entertained while Mom-to-be opens her gifts.

Each guest fills her card with guesses as to which gifts Mom's most likely to receive. (Great and tasty ways to mark a row include Hershey's Kisses or Starburst squares. Or heck, use pennies.) The first one to fill a row wins the prize! This game can be personalized with Mom's name & the shower date.

Baby ABCs

Baby Shower ABCsHere's a fun game with a quick pace. Hand out these cute sheets and give your guests three minutes to come up with baby-related words starting with letters A-Z. The first one to finish, or the guest with the most answers in three minutes, wins a prize.

But be creative: it doesn't have to be baby words. If you all work together, use words relating to your place of work. Or, the names of celebrity moms and dads. If you're having a theme shower, have guests come up with words relating to the theme (Hollywood, fairies, nursery rhymes, jungle animals).

Celebrity Babies!

Celebrity Babies Celebrity Babies Answer Key

Test your E! IQ (and enjoy those far-out names) with the Celebrity Baby quiz.

It's simple, in theory — match the baby names to their famous parents. Game and answer key at right.

Celeb Detective

Celeb Detective Celeb Detective Answer Key

Born a Yolanda Liebowitz? You'll probably be dubbed Shanée Steele before you hit the big time.

Some of our sparkliest stars started out with handles you'd hardly believe. See how many tongue-twisters you can match to their buffed-up stage names!

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