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The Best Free Baby Shower Invitations

» You've seen some free baby shower invitations on the net, but these? These are guaranteed to blow your socks off (and those of Mom-to-be, too). No garish, neon-orange baby head clip art here!

Instead, we bring you the best, most stylish free baby invites on the Web, bar none. Mom will go crazy!

Boy Cards

Mod Stroller Blue Card Jungle Theme Boy Card Royal Prince Blue Card
Baby Mobile Blue - Boy    

Girl Cards

Mod Stroller Pink Card Cherry Blossom Girl Card LoveBug Baby Girl Card
Royal Princess Pink Card Royal Princess Pink Card  


"Either" Cards

Mod Stroller Orange Card Baby Mobile Chocolate Card


About These Invitations

Our current card selection is portrait-style. That means you'll automatically print out two per page (an ordinary 8 1/2" x 11" page). To make these work, you need just three things: a printer with fresh color ink, light cardstock to put through your printer, and a paper cutter. Almost everyone has a paper cutter at work, if not at home.

Beyond that, forget those strange and fussy voodoo tools like circle cutters, cutting boards, exacto knives, blah blah. We aren't crafty enough to have those things and figured you might not either.

Ready? Then it's time to pick out a fabulous card, personalize it online, print that baby out, then take all the credit! (Tip: print out one in draft mode first on regular paper, just so you can see what it looks like without wasting card stock.)

Wish List

What other cards would you just love to see? Give us your wish list for future bursts of inspiration!

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Legal Matters

These cards are the result of lots of hard work and inspiration, not to mention gallons of coffee. They can't ever be used for any purpose other than private use, or reproduced on any other web site. Please respect our copyright, and we'll stay happy, and our lawyers will continue to play solitaire.